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Boeing in Trouble - Whistleblower Found Dead

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Talk about great timing on my end, I sold off Boeing (BA) a few weeks ago after the Alaska Air door blew out mid-flight.

Now the whistleblower John Barnett was found dead in a parking lot of an apparent self-inflicted wound.

Barnett, a Louisiana resident, was then found dead in a car outside a Holiday Inn from what the Charleston County Coroner’s Office ruled was suicide. The Charleston City Police Department is investigating. - via MSN

On top of that, Airlines are cutting their orders of the new Boeing Max 10.

Southwest Airlines, which only flies Boeing 737s, trimmed its 2024 capacity forecast and said it was reevaluating its 2024 financial guidance, citing fewer Boeing deliveries than it previously expected this year: 46 Boeing 737 Max planes, down from 79.


United Airlines CEO Scott Kirby said at the JPMorgan conference on Tuesday that the carrier has asked Boeing to stop building it Max 10 planes, an aircraft that hasn’t yet been certified by the FAA, and produce more Max 9s, which are flying already. - via MSN


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